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Three Weeks in Europe Next April/May
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I am planning a trip to Europe next year. Thinking about sometime in April/May. I have been to most of these places but added a few things I haven’t seen before. Is this itinerary doable? Or is there any place you would add or change? I have been to Amsterdam, Austria and Italy before and stayed overnight in Germany but travelling with some friends so am trying to accomodate them as well.

I added in the day trips as well as train/hostel info. Tend to be a bit of a planner LOL. Going with a couple friends of mine and am meeting with them on Saturday to discuss the trip.

1) Fly to Amsterdam from Sacramento
2) Amsterdam – St. Christopher’s Inn – The Winston
3) Amsterdam – Night train departs Munich 8:31 PM 4) Munich – Arrive in Munich 7:16 AM
Meininger Hotel Munich City Center Hostel
5) Munich – Meininger Hotel Munich City Center Hostel
Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle . Departs 9:30 AM. 6) Munich – Meininger Hotel Munich City Center Hostel 7) Munich – Meininger Hotel Munich City Center Hostel Day trip Romantic Road, Rothenburg and Harburg. Departs 8:30 AM.
8) Munich – Train to Vienna (4 hours and 13 minutes)
Meininger Hotel Vienna City Center
Westend City Hostel
9) Vienna – Meininger Hotel Vienna City Center
Westend City Hostel
10) Vienna – Night train departs Vienna 8:40 PM 11) Venice – Arrive in Venice 8:21 AM.
Sweet Dreams Hostel
12) Venice – Sweet Dreams Hostel
13) Venice – Train to Florence (2 hours)
Residenza Betta
14) Florence – Residenza Betta
Half-Day trip Chianti Region Wine Tasting. Departs @ 2 PM
15) Florence – Residenza Betta
16) Rome – Train to Rome (1 hour and 35 minutes)
Legends Hostel
17) Rome – Legends Hostel
18) Rome – Legends Hostel
19) Naples – Train to Naples (1 hour and 10 minutes)
Welcome Inn
Day trip to Pompeii
20) Naples – Welcome Inn
Day trip to Sorrento
21) Naples – Welcome Inn
22) Fly from Naples to Sacramento

I haven’t stayed at any of these hostels before so if anyone has stayed at them please let me know what you thought?

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Have you thought about Googling all of these hostels to read reviews? A simple Google search should pull up a number of hostel-oriented websites, and reviews for the specific hostels you’re inquiring about. Rather than trying to find a Eurotrip poster who may have stayed at one of these places, you can read several reviews for all the hostels you mentioned.

Just a thought.

You have a full year to plan this trip. Stick around Eurotrip, browse threads, and see what other cool destinations are mentioned regarding the countries you plan to visit, because there’s far more than just the big well-known cities.

Italy in particular is one country that Americans (and Canadians) think only if its largest cities, and not the coasts/countryside/smaller towns (and I don’t mean Pisa). Cinque Terre is gaining some ground among North American backpackers. Use the following several months to do some research on Italy and Germany and Austria. And lurk around here too, because lots of worthwhile suggestions are brought up in several threads. It’s great that you’re starting to plan early. Use that time to expose yourself to new places that catch your eye, that you would have otherwise missed if you had done no research.


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I like your Italy cities just fine (though I would try to add 2-3 days in Cinque Terre) but I would skip Naples and go straight to Sorrento. Depart Rome and visit Pompeii during the day and then continue onto Sorrento that evening (you go right past Pompeii on the way to Sorrento anyways, so it’s actually less backtracking). Base yourself in Sorrento for a few days to see the Amalfi Coast- for example, Positano and Amalfi. In Sorrento, I stayed at Seven Hostel and highly, highly recommend it.

I am leaving from Boston, MA with $5000 for 47 days
Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Santorini, Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Cinque Terre, Nice, Lyon, Paris, Zagreb, Grabovac (Plitvice), Split, Dubrovnik, London
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