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Three weeks Eurotrip, cut down cities?
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I am planning three weeks trip in May with my girlfriend, visiting:

Fly into Paris – 4 days (daytrip to Versailles)
Brugges – 1 day
Amsterdam – 2 days
Night train to Munich – 3 days (with daytrip to Salzburg or Fussen)
Prague – 3 days
Berlin – 3 days
Fly to London – 4 days
Back to Paris to catch return flight

We think this itinerary is a little bit rushed, isn’t it? Realistically, don’t think it’s doable either (due the travel time between cities and given time of each place). Looking to cut down one or two cities, but we don’t know which ones (I know is a lot of ground, but the trio Paris-London-Prague are our “must-sees”). Munich never been in our plans, but we heard a lot a good thinks besides beer… and also value the proximity of some points of interest in Alps

We appreciate some advice!

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I wouldn’t say it’s rushed. It looks very doable for me, from a logistics point of view. Of course, you’ve done something I don’t like to do…you’ve picked a number of countries to visit, and will only visit that country’s largest city (or one of its largest cities), with the exception of Brugges. But nonetheless, you picked great cities, and it’s doable, IMO.

Some of your commutes might take all day, so you may actually spend only 2 full days [rather than 3] in Berlin, but your itinerary has enough “cushion days” that it should be fine (you won’t be spending your entire time in train stations and airports).

If it means anything, you don’t really need to consider Versailles a “daytrip” from Paris. Versailles is a half-day trip, not a daytrip (I suggest going in the morning, be back in the afternoon). Today, Versailles is just a suburb of Paris, and you’ll take the RER (Paris metropolitan area’s suburban commuter rail) to get there. So, depending on how much you want to see and do, you can cut a full day out of Paris. (The day you fly in, are you counting that as one of your “4 days” in the city?) London too…if you only end up spending 3 full days instead of 4, you’ll be fine.