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Ticket Troubles
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Hello all,

I don’t know if I’m in the right forum to post this but since this is a financial issue I felt it appropriate. Since I am going to be in Munich for a few days, I bought a ticket to a performance at the Bavarian State Opera online. I chose the “direct ticket” option where they send you a pdf to print off and hand in as a ticket on the date. Only problem: it specifies the ticket must be in A4 format. Since I am in North America is this possible? Here we use the “letter” size. Also it says it must be in “high quality” (What does that mean specifically?) I’m getting a little nervous as I’ve already paid for the ticket and this is a foreign company (that does not clearly state a contact e-mail).

Any advice?

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a4 size is just standard size printing paper.
when i was in the states and i printed stuff out, it automatically printed out a4.

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A4 is a metric size. It’s not exactly the same as letter size (slightly larger as I recall), but it should be close enough. If you click on “properties” you should see A4 as an option and you could try printing both copies both “letter” and “A4.” My printer leaves a larger right margin and cuts off the line with the page number on the bottom of the page if I select A4 and print on letter size paper. The actual size of the print is exactly the same. Most printers default to “normal” for print quality. It should also have options for “draft” and “best.” Again, “normal” should probably be OK but you could pick “best.”

The issue is probably printing out a bar code that’s clear enough and large enough for a scanner to read. Make sure that’s clear and that everything is on the page.