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Top 15 Travel Tips
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Found an article in the local Sunday news paper (SMH)… loved it so much I thought I should share.
Top 5 Safety Hints
1. Never leave money in your room. You may think your room-mates are your new best buddies but trust no one. Cash-strapped travellers just might find your wallet too tempting to ignore, no matter how nice they seem.
2. If travelling on an overnight train, chain-lock your bags to the baggage racks. It may seem overcautios but many thieves make their living ripping off sleeping passengers. If you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of an overnight journey, try to get someone to go with you.
3. When sightseeing, always carry your day pack in front of you to make it harder for a thief to slash your bag straps. If sitting down to eat, always watch your bag.
4. Be warry of hostel representatives at train stations. They may claim to have a great deal, but more often than not you’re better off booking and finding a hostel yourself.
5.If you have a Eurail pass treat is like money, it’s irreplaceable.

Top 5 Clothing Items
1. A sarong is a godsend. Besides wearing it, it can double as a beach mat, bathrobe or light sleeping sheet.
2. If you’re travelling in the northern hemisphere in winter, thermal underwear is a must. It saves wearing too many layers, and can double as pyjamas.
3. Thongs. You will be thankful for these if you encounter a shower or toilet area that is less than sterile. They could save you from nasties such as tinea.
4. Long skirt or full-length pants might seem a bit formal for a backpacking trip but many churches and temples require that you cover yourself appropriately before you enter.
5. Black and whites. if you plan to work to subsidise your holiday, basic black pants or skirt and a white top will come in handy to pick up some hospitality work.

Top 5 Toiletry Items
1. A proper toiletry bag makes life easier. Try to get the fold-out type with clear plastic compartments. These often have a hook so you can hang them up in the shower instead of placing them on a wet floor.
2. A few plastic bags are handy for such things as wet clothes, smelly shoes or to store leftover food.
3. An absorbent quick drying towel will save you many drying hours. It can double as a bath and beach towel.
4. A medicine kit. You’re bound to feel rundown or sick at least once. Take a kit with the necessary items such as aspirin, vitamin supplements, sore throat gargle, Band-aids, diarrhoea tablets, insect bite cream and water purification tablets.
5. Don’t forget your toothbrush."