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Tour De France
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So my friends and I have somewhat planned our trip around being able to see a stage of the Tour De France this July. Early on we identified stage 17 as one of the best stages to see for a few reasons. first, it should be a very exciting stage since it is the last high mountain stage of the tour, and the big names will probably be going after it. Second, with the way our trip was falling, we would have to see either one of the first stages, up near belgium, or one of the last, so we chose the latter. As of now, we are planning on traveling from Rome, and stopping off in Nice for a couple days. Here is where my question comes in. I guess I’m planning on leaving midday of our second day in Nice to take a train to Lourdes and stay over night the night before the stage in Lourdes. Here is a link to the map with pinpoints on Lourdes, the start and finish points, and the Cul de Tourmelet, which is the point we would like to watch from.… Our plan would be to then, either the night after we watch the tour or the next morning, take a train to Barcelona, spend a few days there and then fly Home.

My quaestions are:
1) Are we spreading ourselves to thin, is traveling going to take over our last week or so of our trip?
2) Has anyone here ever been to a stage, and do you have any advice on viewing the stage (ie: how you get from the town you’re staying in to the mountainside)?
3) From the info I’ve given, does any one have any suggestions as to a better plan?

Thanks for your help

I am leaving from Philadelphia with $4000 for 24 days
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Barcelona, Dublin
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Well, I like all your destinations quite a bit, but to me getting from Rome to Nice is a bit tricky. Were you just going to fly? What about travel between Prague and Rome? Have you checked out WhichBudget?

It’s a good idea to get there the night before. It’s quite a spectacle, very exciting and colorful. Our experience with the Tour was that we went to a small town (Obernai, south of Strasbourg) for Stage 2, Obernai being the departure town. We hung around for the lengthy parade and then were lucky enough to be invited to the upstairs apartment of some people who lived there. If we had not been invited up, we still would have had a good view—but that’s because we got there very early, well in advance.

Your trip does seem a bit frantic towards the end, I might skip Barcelona, take a day off Rome and add it to Toulouse, but that’s just me. If you can properly arrange transportation, and everything falls into place, then go for it.