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The Tourist Zone: Hotels in Port El Kantaoui, Sousse

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The Port of El Kantaoui in Sousse is considered as the tourist zone of the city of Sousse in central Tunisia. In the year 1979 this tourist complex was specifically made for holiday destinations with artificial harbor that hosted hundreds of yacht and cruise ships. Because of the growing numbers of visitors from other parts of Africa or of the world sprouting of establishments are made and that finds its home at the port of El Kantaoui. It quickly builds a name and becomes the most sought-after vacation spot. It has a classical Tunisian ambiance its narrow cobbled pathways, lighted lamps in the lanes and whitewash buildings.

Young people and young at heart individuals can have a double fun at the nightlife of the port, there disco houses and drinking bars. Some hotels in Port El Kantaoui are situated in the beachfront with a hundred or more room that gives high quality service. Equipped with the facilities you need just to pamper you throughout your vacation stay. The town has desirable sandy beaches with lot of sunbeds and water sports. Visitors can have a pleasure at the waterfront and shop during daytime and taste the Tunisian style of meat stew or omelet on the tables overlooking to the marina at nighttime. Have a toast of wine, beer or fruit juices and other local beverages. To experience the folk ways in the town you can drop at the busy fish port and take a pose at the museums and other historical sites.