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Train to Czech Republic on Germany-Benelux Pass
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Hey everyone,

Just as the title states. Looking for some help organizing my train travel for my upcoming trip here. I bought a Germany-Benelux pass as it was the one recommended by EuroTrip and seemed to be the best considering we will be spending more time in those areas.

I was just wondering if there is a way I can still take advantage of my Eurail pass to go from Berlin to Prague and then Prague to Bamberg or Munich.

I know the pass itself is not valid within Czech Republic, but I am wondering if there is a work around available. Perhaps taking the train from Berlin to a border town and switching trains or buying a new ticket to continue on the one we are on.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!!!

I am leaving from Regina, Saskatchewan with $5000 for 24 days
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Oldlady will definitely know. Meantime, I’d say you’re on the right track—separate ticket(s) from border to Prague and back out. This used to be called the “Prague Excursion” ticket; not sure if it still is, or still available.

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I have not seen the “Prague Excursion” pass advertised lately, but just buying a ticket from the border to Prague and from Prague back to the border will be cheaper, anyway. The ticket agent in Berlin will be able to sell you both tickets, will probably speak excellent English and handles this exact transaction several times a day. Just show your railpass and give the dates and times or dates and train numbers of the trains you want to take. As I recall, the ticket for the Czech portion of the route is roughly $15 US each way. You do not have to get off the train at the border, just show the conductor both your railpass and the ticket.

If you have a flexipass, you may find it cheaper to just buy the ticket from Berlin to Prague and Prague to Munich than to burn a day of the railpass and pay for the Czech ticket. Save your railpass days for more expensive trips. Check for specials on the day you want to travel on the German rail website at http://reiseauskunft…