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Train Reservations with Eurail Pass

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Tags: trains
City: Paris, France
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Most of the trains I wanted to take on my trip required a reservation, including one from Florence to Munich where I splurged and reserved a private sleeping compartment WITH MY OWN BATHROOM AND SHOWER!! Luxury Smile

I wanted to get all the reservations out of the way before I left the US so I went to Rail Europe and was able to select & reserve even leg of my trip. The site was really easy to use. One thing I wish that they would allow is to select seat assignments (window, aisle, etc.) but oh well.

Because I am over 26 years old my Eurail Global Pass was automatically set to 1st Class and well, that’s just fine by me Smile And if for some reason I miss a train or want to catch the next one, no big deal but I did want to try and plan as much as possible before I leave. Anyways, I ordered the tickets online and in just a couple of days they arrived in the mail. Super fast delivery I guess is the standard for Rail Europe.