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Hello, I am currently in Iraq and am planning a trip to Europe when I get back to the states. I would leave from Washington on the 9th of September and will arrive in Germany around the 11th of September, 25 days total in Europe. I have a rough idea of where I would like to go but I want to receive input from more seasoned travelers as this is my first time “traveling” on my own and in another country. Here is what I have so far:
1. Frankfurt, Germany 2 days
2. Interlaken, Switzerland 3 days
3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland 3 days
4. Nice, France 4 days
5. Cinque Terre, Italy 4 days
6. Salzburg, Austria 3 days
6. Munich, Germany 5 days
7. Frankfurt, Germany 1 days

I am arriving to Germany with $2,000 and I do not want to waste a lot of money on transportation, so if anyone feels I may be stretching myself thin then I am more than will to alter my plans. If anyone could provide input on the most economic means for me to get from city to city I would be very thankful.

I am leaving from Seattle, wa with $4000 for 26 days
Frankfurt, Interlaken, Gimmelwald, Nice, Levanto, Rome, Munich, Frankfurt
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Bus may be cheaper, but I’d definitely be looking at the train for this trip. I’d look at a 4 country select pass for 6 or 8 rail days. You can check pricing, rules, etc. under the “bookings” tab. You may be able to find some cheap special fares for trips in Germany (or that start or end in Germany) at http://reiseauskunft… If you can buy some cheap advance purchase tickets, then get a railpass for fewer days, or just buy point to point tickets for the rest of your trips after you get there.