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Traveling to Europe in June
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Hey everyone,
On June 2nd I will be flying into London, and seeing Paris, Nice, Rome, and Florence throughout the month of June, and leaving early July. My plans to go with some other friends have fallen through, and left me traveling alone. No worries, I’m totally excited. So i am looking to you fine people to help with any advice you can. My main worries are Hostels. It is important that they be safe, but well located so I wont get lost Smile. i also have a lot of questioned regarding my train ticket, a France N’ Italy Pass, and what it accesses me to. Does it work on ALL train lines in France and Italy, or do you have to buy separate tickets for maybe a high speed train?
Any small Italian or French towns that are a must see, and go along the train routes? Any wine that was the greatest thing to touch your lips? Or a small restaurant or Deli in Rome that your craved for days afterwards? Festivals or concerts that are amazing? I already know the Pixies are playing in London on the weekend I arrive, but it’s sold out. Scalping tickets is legal, I hope. TALK TALK TALK, please Smile
I am also open to meeting up with people who will be at the same place at the same time. If we talk enough before hand. Here is a rough idea:

London June 2
Paris June 8
Nice June 14
Rome June 16
Florence June 22
July 3rd LEAVE!

Thanks for any ideas and help in advance.