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Travelling after graduation
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I am a grade 12 female student planning on travelling to europe for several months after graduation. I am not an experienced traveller, and I am just worried that because of this I will have a hard time with safety, transportation, etc.

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I’m 18 F and I just got back from a 4 month solo trip to europe… and I know it seems scary at first but europe on your own isn’t really that bad Smile Anyways I’m actually heading back out there on
April 16th and I’ll be in Paris/ San Sebastian/ Lisbon/ Madrid/ Barcelona/ Nice/ Milan/ Florence/ Rome/ Pompeii/ Venice/ Budapest…… I also speak 4 languages which definitely comes in handy for me so I guess that’s why I’m not really that nervous lol but let me know what your travel goals are because I’m actually looking for someone to travel with this time around.

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First you need to work out your “several months” so you either don’t need special visas or have time to get them in advance.   Shouldn’t be a problem, but you do need to think about it.  You can only spend a total of 90 days in the Schengen area in an overall period of 180 days.  If you land in the Schengen area you will have to have a return ticket within 90 days or “proof of onward travel” to show that you intend to leave the area within 90 days.

Personal safety won’t be a huge issue.  Safety of your belongings will be.  Anywhere there are tourists there are pickpockets and purse snatchers.  Use a money belt and keep alert and aware. Trust your instincts (if it feels scary  after dark, don’t go there alone after dark).