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Travelling alone
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I am going to be getting a one way ticket to Europe on August 27th, 2011, and will probably stay for two months. I will be covering a lot of ground, alone. I will only be 18, and a female. I have travelled a bit with my family, but don’t have too much travelling experience, and none alone. Please feel free to leave tips on travelling alone, budgeting, where to stay, safety, and other things I should know thanks!!

I am leaving from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with $8000 for 63 days
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I think you meant Aug. 27, 2012? Anyway, without long-stay visa or European passport, you can’t technically enter Europe with a one-way ticket. The airline is not even supposed to give you a boarding card if you don’t have these, or proof of onward travel, within your allowed tourist days. See the visa checking tool link pinned @ top of our Cheap Flights forum next-door. In addition to proof of onward travel outside of UK or Schengen, you might be required to show proof of insurance, sufficient funds, and lodging arrangements. Just a heads-up. The visa-checking tool I mentioned will summarize your entry requirements.

Unless you enjoy introversion, stay at hostels! That’s my #1 tip for traveling alone. It’s the best way to connect with people traveling in the same style as you.

Post on our cheap flights forum if you need more flight help. There are limited charters to the UK from Edmonton in summer, often cheaper than other flight options.

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Women travel for countless reasons. But when it comes to health and security there’s a huge difference between women and men. The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when traveling alone. With careful planning you can minimize the risks and maximize your chances of having a safe and successful trip. Before you leave, be sure to complete a risk assessment of any country you’re thinking of visiting. Keep copies of all important travel documents in your suitcase. Dress appropriately when visiting any new place. Behave confidently and avoid eye contact from strangers. Don’t believe on strangers and never accept the things from them. Make sure you feel comfortable about your accommodations and their location.

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JessicaGerein wrote:
I am going to be getting a one way ticket to Europe on August 27th, 2011…

Your dates don’t make sense. You posted on December 23, 2011, that you will be “be getting a one way ticket to Europe on August 27th, 2011”. Did you mean August of 2012?

In any case, I’m with Don: the first thing that stuck out to me was your one-way ticket.

I’ve personally never been asked to show proof of return or onward travel when entering Schengen (with a US passport), but I’ve heard of people having trouble with this while entering the UK. And as Don said about airlines possibly denying you to board. Your passport may also be stamped (as a Canadian, they may have just waived you in a few years ago, but I’ve noticed Schengen countries getting tougher even with US/Can citizens), and if you exceed your visa-free 90-day time limit in the Schengen zone, or in an individual non-Schengen country, then you’re breaching the law. So, be aware of these things.

Think about it…would Canada allow people in just like that?

Is there a specific reason that you’re not buying a return ticket?