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Trip staying in Hotels / meeting people
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Basically I’m 22 and have a solo Euro trip planned from April onwards for around 5 months. I’ll be working as I go (laptop = my work) so as I’ll be earning I’m planning on staying in decentish hotels instead of hostels for 1. extra comfort and 2. extra security of laptop etc. plus I may decide to stick around in a certain city for a bit longer and I think hotels will be easier to book for lengthy times with little notice.

Obviously hostels are the place to meet up with fellow travellers and to remove the lonely nights you may face as a solo tripper but what if I stay in hotels all the time? I can imagine being quite isolated for much of the time when ideally I’d like to be in a group most days and have something to do every single night, never fancied partying on my own Smile

Anyone travelled and stayed in hotels yet found a way to meet tons of people your own age to tag along with or will I find it difficult?

Hmm, think that’s all. TIA.

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