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Turkey Tours

City: Istanbul, Turkey
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Istanbul hotel made ​​a very nice breakfast in the morning. With the first hour-long journey of Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to Cappadocia airport there. Private airport who checked into our hotel in Urgup with transferf. Turkey tours began. The hotel is very spacious rooms, the hotel is special cave. Cool in london airport taxi summer, warm in winter, natural ventilation system was pretty. First, the excited zelve Tours of Turkey, the balloon tours we went and joined here. Here you set a height of 250 meters and had a magnificent view of Cappadocia. Ballon flying in the sky, a large number of. Very exciting event, with champagne celebration was to us after Balloon Tour.

We went to the Middle Hisar district, Ortahisar a classic english village. Here is a Very Nice breakfast in the morning made ​​of natural and narturel, eggs, honey, and

butter, cheddar cheese which is very tasty olive fabulous breakfast made ​​of. Turkey Cappadocia Tours, a place with the most beautiful natural wonders. Flights of

pigeons and other birds vallay Pigeon is a very nice watch here. cappadocia turkey and all kinds of tours are available for information and assistance. Located in a very special private or regular tours here. As turkey package tours are daily 10-15 days. Very popular with the private yacht trips are organized. cave at the end of the first day, stayed at the hotel and the room is very different and very special. I had a great jacuzzi in. A whirlpool massage was very relaxing and very pleasant night.

Early in the morning at the hotel made ​​a nice breakfast in the morning. We went to an open-air museum of Goreme. This place has lots of fairy chimneys and cave. People who have lived here, worshiped here. The right there is the church, which is very nice inside virgin mary and jesus pictures decorated with figures of prophets. For the period of Roman Christianity is forbidden and 5-7 storey underground antalya airport transfer cities have experienced severe winter conditions. Pole and Derinkuyu underground cities in Cappadocia. And in the middle of a river flowing through the valley of Ihlara valley is a natural wonder. Located on either side of the river cave. Finally, we went and it’s an amazing place of Avanos. Turkey tours, arts and crafts made ​​in the many wonderful works. the incredible beauty of the land and water, plates, bowls, Cole and wonderful as gift and ornaments are sold.