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To Turtle, or Not to Turtle
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Hi guys.

We’ve all seen em’… those people with one backpack on their back, and another wee one on their front.. the ‘turtle people’. Here’s my dilemma… I think it looks ridiculous, BUT, I may have to become one of them. I’m heading to Australia for a year in June, and there’s a very good chance that this trip might turn into a multi-year around the worlder. problem is… my ‘big’ backpack has been compared by some to a book bag. Meaning its pretty small. I like it though, and don’t want to shell out $200 for a bigger one, SO I’ve decided to take a wee front pack with me. Does anyone have experience travelling with two bags? I’ve heard that the front pack is actually great since in balances you out. Should I try to get one that clips on the front, or should I just try to stick the straps around my shoulders? Is it a hassle trying to cart around two backpacks even though one will be small? I know you might be thinking that I should just not take so much stuff, but I’ve experienced taking the bare minimum before, and it’ll be nice to have a bit more variety in my clothing. Plus I’ll probably run into different seasons and will need clothes to layer.

Thanks folks,