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Unique European Destinations
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I’m heading to Europe from Sept – Jan this year. I’m looking for interesting and unique places to go. I’m relying mostly on travel books to take me to the popular ‘usual’ places and I’m sure hostels will be full of brochures for them. What I want are some unique places that other people might not think of. Places I can have as a ‘destination’ during my trip, while I see the big sites between them. I’m mostly interested in historical sites, possibly with bizzare or unique twists. I’ve tried reading history books to find some, but most of them are either too detailed or not detailed enough. Ideas I have so far include:

- Docks in Barcelona where Chistopher Columbus would of sailed from.
- The castle in Romania where Vlaad Dacula lived.
- Agincourt, France. I’m a fan of Henry V and always wanted to see the site of the battle of Agincourt. I realize it’s probably some farmer’s field at this point, but I’ve even manged to find maps of the battle and it’s relations to the city, etc etc.

If anyone else has other ideas like this, about things similar or places they ‘found’ while in Europe I’d love to know about them?