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Updated hostels and new rating system
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If you have checked out the Hostels section recently, you will notice that the cities pages are a whole lot prettier than they were before. This is something I have been working on for the past couple weeks…

In addition to a facelift, I have also added a couple new features:

  • You can now see the Value of a hostel and how the hostels ranks in value. This score is based on the customer rating and the price of the hostel.
  • I have also added the ability to sort the hostels by Value, Rating or Price. This allows you to get a better idea what a city has to offer.

All of the above has also been integrated into the Trip Planning application as well. This makes it easier to check out hostels when you are planning your trip and book them without having to go to other sites. We have the best price on the internet for hostels as well as no booking fee, so please notify us if you find a better deal somewhere else so we can address it.

In addition to the improvements to the hostels, I have also introduced a new rating widget. I have the ability to use this widget throughout the site for different types, comments, maybe trip comments, etc, so please give me feedback as to where you think this new rating feature would be best suited. Currently I have only allowed for the ‘Favorite Places’ to be rated, so go check out the Map in order to rate content.

Let me know if you have any comments, questions or ideas.

Cheers and Enjoy…

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