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US to Europe tickets and Airports
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Hello All!!

I hope to visit Europe for the first time this coming Spring / Summer. I plan on backpacking for a month, so I’m not looking for anything fancy.

I am looking for tips on how to fly / travel the cheapest! I do not mind if it is by boat, plane, or what class. I would like to fly out of MCI (Kansas City) to anywhere in Spain, England, France … really whichever is cheapest.

I want to fly out sometime around the end of May, and get back sometime around the beginning of July. I am hoping to find something around $700.

Any tips on where to start looking?


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Check the New User thread pinned@ top of this forum.

How soon could you depart in May? I’m seeing London $809 if outbound by 21st. After that… fares rise dramatically as peak-season pricing kicks in on most routes.

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You picked the right time to travel but be aware, the closer to you get to July the more expensive travel within Europe will get as the build up to the London Olympics begins.
Also it might be worth looking into flying to Belgium or somewhere similar, as it might reduce your costs a lot and train travel to France is relatively cheap.

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I guess this is really old, however, if you are backpacking, and immensly flexible, I suggest, taking a RT ticket to Iceland and then using icelandexprers to europe in one of their extreme discounted tickets thrown every day. Then using cheap transportation in and around Europe.

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You can choose the best time to with any travel agent or book online to get cheap airfare.