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Vienna to Paris (and maybe to UK)
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Hi All!

We (2 of us) are trying to figure out the best way to get from Vienna to Paris by train – and we have had no real success. We can’t figure out what the prices are on OBB, or if that is even the best way to go. We want to leave Vienna on July 13th with a ticket to Paris. Any suggestion on the best way to do this? Also – is there any type of pass we could by that would get us from Vienna to Paris, let us travel around France and than get us to the UK? I’m guessing no, but thought I would ask anyways.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


I am traveling for 29 days
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Decision 1 is whether or not to buy a railpass and which pass. Try putting your itinerary in at Follow the“I have a good idea of my itinerary” route and click “I prefer purchasing railpasses (to point to point tickets) ‘only when it saves money.’” If you don’t have an itinerary, you can follow the other route and maybe get a decent recommendation.

Decision 2 is getting from Vienna to Paris. If you buy a ticket, the best way is probably to buy your ticket on-line from OBB or to buy it at the train station in Vienna, but why on earth would you take the train for this route? 12 to 14 hours and 2 to 5 connections is not my idea of a good time.

Decision 3 is getting from France to UK. From Paris to London, the best way is definitely Eurostar, the chunnel train. It’s just over 2 hours, city center to city center so significantly faster than flying (when you add getting to and from the airports) and much faster than any train/bus/ferry combination between anyplace in France to anyplace in UK. Look for cheap leisure fares for the day you want to travel at if you can’t find a cheap fare, then go for “passholder fare” if you buy a railpass that covers France.