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Vienna waits for you!

Type: Shopping
Cost: $>1000
Tags: Shopping, Vienna
City: Vienna, Austria
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Vienna is a wonderful city. Best shopping I’ve ever seen in my life! The plethora of H &M’s, ZARA, and other stores, both posh boutiques and huge department superstores, the shopping in Vienna is like no other. As an american, I jump at any chance to have the latest trends form Europe. But this is where edgy and classy in europe CLASH. Better than 5th Avenue in NYC. Along Graben (A pedestrian only zone in the center of the city) the maze of people from all different cultures file into the trendy stores, and even better, line up to buy things (good for economy). There is a store for everyone here. Rich or poor, old or young, aunt or uncle, you will find clothes, accessories and food here. I know this may sound like any other large european city, it really is so much more. My trip would not be the same if I hadn’t gone shopping here in Vienna. Here’s what I say. Vienna for two days. One to shop and one to tour around. The next time that I come here, which will be in a few years, I am only packing half of my suitcase. NO JOKE! If you are on a tight budget, save up to come here. It is an expensivec ity, but definetly worth every euro. The breathtaking surroundings of this city center are amazing. It is by far my favorite city in Europe. SO MARVELOUS!