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Villa Von Trapp

Type: Other Entertainment
Cost: $400-500
Tags: Austria, bed and breakfast, Salzburg, Sound of Music, Von Trapp Family House
City: Salzburg
Address & Details:

34 Traunstrasse, 5026 Salzburg, Austria

Wow, who would have thought? The original house that the Von Trapp family stayed in. It is beautiful. Although not a hotel, it is a bed and breakfast. It is a large and gorgeous yellow house with the biggest private park in all of salzburg. I am actually spending the night in Maria’s suite tonight, and it is beautifully furnished, along with striking views of the private park below. It consists of two rooms, a living room with two couches, one is a pull out bed, a dresser and tv, and a seperate bedroom with a large double bed, and full size bathroom. My sister is staying in her own double room upstairs on the third level which is beutifully decoarted and is a large room with an oversize double bed, dresser, (I’m pretty sure it has a tv in it) and a roomy bathroom. The man here who dealt with our reservation is very kind, speaks excellent english, and is very knowledgeable about the home and the Von Trapp family. Along with Maria’s suite, there are several double rooms, and you can even go into the living rooms and dining rooms. There is even a window which in this room (Maria’s suite) that looks just like the one in the movie, where there is a thunder storm and all of the kids run up to Maria’s bed and she sings to them. It is a magical place. However, they are not advertised, and despite many rumors on the internet, they are still in buisness. They do not allow visitors not spending the night to come onto the grounds or into the house to take pictures. Inside the house there are many pictures of the Von Trapp family and it has been completely restored into a classic, timelessly decorated Bed and Breakfast. It is a short distance from the center of Salzburg, and a few hours from Munich. Although expensive, it is definetly worth the personal service and comfort of this famous place.