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Village Hotels in Port El Kantaoui Sousse

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City: Port El Kantaoui Sousse

The Port El Kantaoui is purposely and perfectly made as tourist center in the north of Sousse in central Tunisia. This tourist complex has a huge artificial harbor for luxury yachts, hosted several water sports activities like water skiing and paragliding and a top destination for golf course tournaments. The complex is modern in architecture but has a traditional touch of buildings in Tunisia. The narrow cobbled streets, arches and the white and blue Tunisian style villages are noticeable seems like a little man-made town that replicates Tunisia. The port el Kantaoui is surrounded by boutiques, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels.

Hotel structures are fairly a combination of trendy design and classical and there are almost a hundred of elegant hotels in Port El Kantaoui in Sousse. There are excellent facilities and amenities available in each hotel such as restaurants, swimming pools, minerals baths, spa, massage and wellness centers, small golf courses within, bars with different wines, music lounges, sports areas, convention centers, wifi zones and more. All the hotels here has websites where in people across the globe that are searching for a vacation spot can easily access the whereabouts of the hotel. People love to stay in this tourist complex because of its rare features and there are so many activities you can do here.

Never miss to visit the small village, markets, meet some people and the side walks where in you can appreciate and tell the living of the local folks. Perfectly created and filled just for individuals who are looking for a warm, calm and a place