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Visa question-more than 90 days
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I’m confused about how exactly the visa situation works. I know I can only stay for 90 days out of a 6 month period but I’ve seen some posts that say “in a calendar year”. Thus, my question is what if I stay for October, November, and December, then January through March. It’s more than 90 days but would that time period restart with the new calendar year? (Fyi, I’m trying to stay in Switzerland.)

Other possibilities I’ve though about but which I’m not sure are possible are staying in Switzerland for 89 days then become a student and getting a student visa.

Or, another thought was to stay in Switzerland for 89 days, go to Eastern Europe/North Africa/outside Europe for 90 days, then return. If I do this, I would assume I need to provide Switzerland with proof of my flight itinerary to a place outside of Europe before leaving (so they know I’m not trying to stay for 6 months) or would this not be necessary?

Thank you!

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It’s 90 in / 90 out. You can’t re-set the visa by exiting for a day and re-entering. Calendar year has nothing to do with it. Check/see if student visas must be arranged before arrival. You could also apply for a longer-stay Schengen visa (well) before departure.

Keep in mind that UK allows US and Canadian citizens (not sure where you’re from?) up to 180 days to play tourist. Additionally, other non-Schengen countries have their own visa-free tourist allowed days. So you could concievably stay more than 90 days in Europe, as long as you move on before your tourist days are up in each zone (Schengen or UK) or country (non-Schengen, non-UK).