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3 replies
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My daughter will be in Siena to study from October to December. We are traveling to France this summer and she would like to stay on and travel until her program starts. We are wondering what she has to do or has to have in the way of a visa. The entire stay would be less than 6 months but someone at her university said she would have trouble with getting a visa for that long??? What’s up with tha??. Does anyone have any info?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
C Meek

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Italy is part of the Schengen Zone, and I’m not sure of your nationality, but Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, and Australians, can stay for a period of three months, on a Schengen Visa (no application neccesary all you need is your passport)

Google Search Schengen, and you’ll find the countries within this zone, (France, and Italy are included)

After three months, a visa is needed.

I’m currently studying in Spain, and my study abroad program helped me get my student visa. (But I’m here for one year)

I would contact the Italian Embassy nearest you, and inquire there. Is the time of her study program less than three months? Perhaps her university is saying, since its less than three months, there is no reason to have a visa, and won’t assist.

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The UK, Norway and Switzerland and all EU countries issue student visas to students in qualified exchange/study programs. Is she not getting such a visa? If not, something may be fishy about this education. Citisens of visa waiver countries could technically enter the EU or UK on a tourist visa; exit the EU – say to Eastern Europe – and then enter the EU on the student visa within 90 days. If you are from a visa waiver and have a student visa, the authorities are not going to raise a big fuss if you fail to get the student visa stamped on entry (if you enter before the valid date). The only way you are going to be detected is afterwards…and then you just tell a sob story. If you have a student visa, that is sufficient to confirm that you are there for legitimate reasons, as long as you don’t overstay this visa. Make the program get your duaghter a student visa or ditch the program.

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I am studying in Florence this summer for 2 months. All I need is my passport. If I was studying for longer than 3 months, I would need the Student Visa then.

Perhaps the person who was informing you was not thinking of the student visa… and just the "regular" one.