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Want LOW crime? Go Med!
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A while back someone on these boards posted a poll showing the 5 "safest" cities in Europe -four of these cities were in Scandinavia, the fifth was Vienna. Everyone on that board concluded that if you want a "safe" vacation, then go north. Well, I have something that says the opposite. THe official crime organizations of all the EU members have compared their statistics and their results were published in Greece’s "Ta Nea" newspaper on Dec 18, 1999. According to these findings, the Mediterranean countries and Ireland had the LOWEST crime rates, while the countries further north had HIGHER crime rates. The country with the highest crime rate in the EU was Sweden with 13,521 criminal acts commited for every 100,000 residents in 1998. THe country with the lowest figure was Portugal with only 653 criminal acts per 100,000 people. Here are all 15 EU countries in order from lowest to highest crime rates:

Portugal 653
Ireland 2,279
Spain 2,312
Greece 3,759
Italy 4,214
Austria 5,940
France 6,100
Luxembourg 6,409
Netherlands 7,819
Finland 7,836
Germany 7,869
Britain 8,576
Denmark 10,021
Belgium 10,557
Sweden 13,521

Notice how the four countries with the LOWEST crime rates (Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Greece) are also the four countries classified by the EU as &quotoorer members in need of economic assistance." In addition to this, the countries of southern Europe also enjoy higher than average life expectancies (something credited to the Med way of life), and very very low suicide rates (credited to the pleasant climate and abundance of sun). Money can’t buy happiness. If you want happiness in Europe, go south!

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