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What is the best choice for me....HELP!!
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Hey everyone I’m visiting Europe in July and I’m so confused as to which rail pass I need!!! Please help…
5-8 London
8-11 Paris
11- 13 Berlin
13-15 Prague
15-18 Milan
18-21 Rome
21-24 Marseille Toulouse
24-26 Toulouse then to Ibiza
26-28 Ibiza
28-30 Barcelona
31 Back to London

Thank you for all your help…

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Try putting your itinerary in (or click on “bookings” at the top of the page for another link to railsaver) for a recommendation. Follow the “I have a good idea of my itinerary” route and check “I prefer purchasing railpasses (to point to point tickets) ‘only if it saves money.’”

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For Barcelona to London, I’d suggest that you fly. EasyJet, or another airline, would be good. Check .

For London to Paris, check to see the price of a ticket. They’re usually much cheaper purchased in advance, and most railpasses don’t cover the full cost.

For Paris to Berlin, see if you can get a 39-Euro ticket on or possibly two 39-Euro tickets (one to Cologne and one from Cologne to Berlin, for example). Or you could fly – this is easy on EasyJet.

Berlin to Prague – probably cheapest to buy in Europe, although I don’t know the price of this ticket.

I’d suggest a flight for Prague to Milan (or somewhere in Italy), as above. As an aside, I’d recommend Venice or Florence, or some other place in Italy, over Milan, unless you have money for designer shopping.

Milan to Rome – point to point by train ticket. You can buy ahead at for a small discount, or just buy this in Italy.

For Marseilles > Toulouse > Ibiza > Barcelona, I really can’t advise. But I’d consider setting this up so you could fly to Ibiza, because that’s a long trip by other means I believe (I haven’t done it). For French tickets, check . Keep your country as France, and post back if you have problems using the site.

In short, I doubt that you will get a rail pass that is efficient and cost effective for your itinerary, except possible for that last France/Spain segment.