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What I lived on for 5 weeks in Europe
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I just thought I’d write this topic for people to have an idea of what some people can get by on for a 5 week long trip to Europe. I backpacked, hostelled, eurailed, etc….. Ok, you all might think this is sick, as did many people I met on the road in Europe. I made it until the morning of my departure (35 days after starting) without ever using my 2nd set of clothes. I wore the same Long sleeve shirt, undershirt, and pants for 35 days straight. The only thing I changed was my underwear and socks. After wearing a pair of boxers and socks for about a week to 2 weeks, I’d simply throw them in the trash and move on to the next pair. I think I might have washed my LS shirt twice, my undershirt every shower, and my pants three times. This is the exacts of what I brought;
1.)2 Pairs of convertable pants (pant/shorts)
2.)2 LS Cotton shirts
3.)3 Pair of Boxers
4.)4 Pairs of socks
5.)Mini Vicose towel 12"X12"
7.)Poncho and umbrella (Thank God!!!!)
8.)Beanie and gloves (it was cold as hell)
9.)A warm vest (Smelled like horse ass)
10.) Journal and pen
11.) Camera and film (used 15 rolls in 5 wks)
I believe that’s it, yup, and it all fit in a 1,900 square inch pack, which, carried home two beer steins, numerous shot glasses, chocolate, and 2 large glasses along with my stuff. I went light. Funny story….I even lost my mini vicose towel, and instead of getting another larger towel, I would take off my undershirt before a shower, use it to dry off, then I’d wash it in the shower, dry it over night, and wear it again the next day. Have a good time packing!!