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what to see, where to go in greece
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hi, im 21 years old and embarking on my first tirp to europe!!! im taking an art history class in florence for 3 weeks and want to tour greece for two weeks before i travel over to italy. i speak english and a little french and thats it but i was hoping i could get around on my own. I came to this site in hopes that anybody out there could give me some tips and tell me what to see in greece and how to travel. basically please HELP me plan my trip.

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Athens, Rome, Florence
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Greece is indeed a wonderful place to spend your holiday! I’ve been there last summer. They have a wonderful, warm sea and great beaches. As for the Hotels in Greece, they are all very cheap! That’s pure heaven!!!
So… Here’s my list —- that might come too late, i know——
1. Athens is a place that should be on your “must see” list, but it may not be a place that will keep your attention for long.
2. An interesting walled city on the sea in the south-eastern Peloponnese —- Monemvasia
3. *Delphi *—- one of the most famous and the oldest archaeological sites in Greece
and, the last but not the least
4. The monasteries of *Meteora * —- the most photographed scenes in the world.

Enjoy your trip in Greece!

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Try doing a search and read up on past threads about Greece. when are you headed over there?