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What will takes to reach sprint speed in FIFA 17

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I wish I had explicitly stated in the above post that players should be very gassed after playing high pressure – their top speed reduced by 5 or 10%, the amount of time they can maintain a full sprint reduced, the time it takes to reach sprint speed should be increased (aka reduce their acceleration stat).

I think that would go a loooong way to making the game resemble an actual match. Build up could occur. And you could still play a counter attacking style if you liked – you just would have to pick your spots.

Edit: wanted to add that I created a second account yesterday and played a match against Portsmouth with my bronze 56 chem team. Their goalie committed a foul in the box and received a straight Cheap FIFA 17 Coins – I was blown away because in over 700 online FUT matches I’ve never seen that happen, on fouls that were much, much, much worse. I can’t help but think they’ve just made it impossible for a keeper to get a red in an online match. (I can already imagine the Reddit scripting posts about when their AI controlled keeper gets sent off in extra time of a 3-2 game, though.)

WHAT THEY NEED TO DO, IMO: Passing revamp. player switching revamp/more effort put into it. Goal keepers overhaul. Referee ALOT stricter in the penatly box.
WHAT I WANT: Savable custom tactics. Customization kits, balls, nets, stadiums. Weak foot and skill move rating under stamina bar for each player A foul system for your player being forced to jump of slide tackles Re-mappable controls.(sick of pressing B to push and pull, then stand tackle and the player just pulls away lol.) .1% chance to have a streaker enter the pitch.

They have made it impossible for keepers to get sent off online. This is to prevent those people who don’t put a sub keeper on the bench, but imo it shouldn’t be the case to Buy FIFA Coins. I think the decision to put a keeper on the bench should be an additional risk(of not having a gk in case yours get sent off) vs reward (having one extra outfield player on the bench).