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When to buy, and where to fly.
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I’m a Senior in highschools who is planning a trip to Europe during the month of June, and I have a few questions about airfares. I’m departing from Spokane, Wa (GEG) and I’m hoping to fly in some where near Krakow, Poland (But I’m flexible, and willing to take the rail there).

  • When is the best time to book a flight around this time frame? ie. is March 29 better than the 1st, or is monday better than friday.
  • Where can the best deals be found for flights Europe?
  • Which airports are cheepest to fly into? (I noticed Paris seems more expensive than most)
  • When should I purchase the tickets?

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It’s hard to say exactly when will be the cheapest time to book. You need to research prices on this route with Farecompare, decide how much you think is reasonable to expect fuel surcharges to add, and sign up and be ready to book when it drops to a price you feel good about. That could be today, next month, in January or March… but probably not anytime after May—at that point, you’re probably too late for a lower-priced summer airfare. Be aware that prices are highest in summer, and start date for higher season prices varies by airline and destination. US-Europe some airlines start June 1 with their peak prices, some hold out ‘til mid-June. You can get a good idea by using ITAsoftware’s month-long search to see when higher fares are taking over. Check out the new user thread—top of this forum—if not familiar with ITA and Farecompare (and some other strategies there, too). Also check out student sites like STA and GenerationFly — sometimes cheaper.

This will get you started: http://www.farecompa…

Also, unless you see an absolutely brilliant fare — like under $800 for this trip — I’d probably wait at least until January, then be sure to shop consolidators and student sites well. Most have summer inventory available in January with greatest availability. That’s not to say a better sale won’t come along direct from an airline, but it’s rare that an airline would offer peak season for less than a consolidator or student site has in January for an upcoming summer flight.