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When is Reboot server lag gonna get fixed

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Tags: MapleStory
City: Dachau, Germany
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They certainly aren’t going to think about expansion when the server has only been up for about a week. For all you know the server could go completely dead in January/February when the hype (and advertising) runs out.

From a business perspective it would be exceptionally foolish to dump a bunch of money into something that just popped on out of the oven so to speak.

Initially they had 5 computers allocated to this server, some of them carrying 5 channels at once.

Now it’s 7, so none of them carry more than 3 channels.
Still not enough during peak play time, or in the popular “private channels”, but it’s something.

On the one hand, they don’t want to allocate resources that will later go to waste MS Mesos. On the other hand, the lag is causing people to stop playing the server, and pushing customers away is never a good thing.

We’ll see what Nexon, in its infinite wisdom, decides to do. And how much too late it will be.