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Where to go in PORTUGAL???
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Hi All!

I am planning to spend a week in Portugal towards the beginning of October. I have found a cheap flight from Madrid to any one of these airports: FARO, PORTO and LISBON. I will be running around quite a bit in Spain and was hoping to spend one week in one spot in Portugal and chill out. I like beaches (but doesn’t have to be by the beach), beautiful scenery, seeing cool architecture/museums, etc. and also needs to be a cheap area.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!

-Lisbon looks like it has a lot to see and do while Faro has beaches and Porto sounds interesting all around. Would love to get advice from someone who knows!! Smile


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Anywhere in the Algarve area of Portugal would work. Faro is a nice place and has an excellent bech as does Lagos and Sagres. A bit more off the beaten track but just as good is Odeceixe. Something to keep in mind is that the water temperatures tend to get warmer as you head towards Spain. Faro is nice but I find sometimes the water is on the brisk side ( a few degrees can make a huge difference).

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Try Sesimbra a beach resort near Lisbon which we stayed at for two weeks. Also try the nearby coastal town of Cascais it’s one of my favourite towns in Portugal and very cosmopolitan.