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Will Upgrading RAM Help Run MapleStory Better

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I just got back into the game after a 4.5 years break. My game runs, but it’s very slow and has slowdowns quite often. I saw that the recommended system requirements show 4gb of RAM, and the minimum requirements show 2gb of RAM (what I have).

If I got and buy 2gb of extra RAM and install it, for a total of 4gb, will that fix the problem? I understand my computer is old, but I don’t feel like upgrading my PC quite yet. So if anyone has done it in the past, could you share if upgrading RAM helped the game rune faster?

If you have an older system, adding more RAM should help but I would advise do this only if it’s not too costly and you can find the type of RAM you need. The other thing you can do to get better performance is upgrade (i.e., replace) you graphics card if possible. Again, these upgrades will cost money so don’t over-spend and be wise about your choices. If the costs will be high to upgrade your RAM and replace your graphics card, then you might consider getting a new system altogether!

I don’t know much about computer hardware, but I’m pretty sure RAM allows the computer to smoothly run more things at once, so unless you’re doing tons of things at once, increasing it by a ton won’t help to Buy MapleStory Mesos. However, i think upgrading to 8 gb of ram is good for ms, but any more than that or 16 is a bit redundant i think.

Also, the SIZE of the memory isn’t as important as the SPEED of the memory and whether it has ECC (error-correcting code).

Most system crashes in general are due to faulty, cheapo, factory seconds memory. High quality memory is pretty expensive though, but VERY worth it.

Another big bottleneck is hard drive speed. The reason why the game usually works so poorly on laptops for example is because most laptops are using dump level 5400 RPM hard drives that are slower than Christmas. So if you’ve got such a beast it’s usually better to try and upgrade to at least a 7200 RPM drive.