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A Windermere Restaurant Tour

Travelogue Entry
Tags: food, Restaurant, windermere
City: Windermere, United Kingdom
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Taking inspiration from the Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan series “The Trip”, Mike and I decided to do a mini one ourselves in Windermere. We thought Windermere as its got loads of restaurants either independant ones or within hotels. They are generally all of a very high standard being as Windermere is so popular combined with the fact I think the locals would very quickly spread the word a restaurant was rubbish if it was!

We were staying at The Glenburn Hotel which conveniently had a restaurant within the hotel and as we’d arrived late, it seemed wise to eat there. What a lovely surprise too as it was really, really good. I just went straight in and had the steak & ale pie, no messing! It was so tasty and just what I needed after the journey from hell over there.

The next night we ventured out and whilst wandering around in the day, we saw a little bistro and thought that would be nice for that evening, Mojos. Candle lit, it felt like we were somewhere abroad I have to say although we were eating really good, British food.

Night 3, the last night and we decided to go completely off pist and try the thai restaurant “Jintana”. It had started to snow so what better way to warm up than a searing hot thai red curry!

All in all, a super little restaurant and mini gastronomic tour of Windermere, thoroughly enjoyable, great food and a lovely little break.

Hotel Info: We ended up getting the The Glenburn Hotel in Windermere on their special dinner b&b offer where you get dinner one night and and then breakfast.