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World of Warcraft used to be a slow game

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All of these ugly, sharp edges ooze flavor and personality you just don’t see as often in modern MMOs. Classic is eccentric and weird, and Gold in WoW Classic doesn’t give a damn how many abilities you have on your action bar or how balanced they might be. MMOs in the early 2000s could be weird and misshapen before everyone else in the genre started following Warcraft’s example.

I especially love how those idiosyncrasies help create a sense of immersion. Any WoW player can wax on about how flying mounts and easy fast-travel options killed the sense of scale of Azeroth, but those are just symptoms of a bigger shift in design. World of Warcraft used to be a slow game, one that skirted boredom constantly. But that uncompromising pace left you with no other choice but to find some way to appreciate the little things, like saying hello to a stranger you pass on the road. The joy of old school WoW wasn’t from how much you could accomplish in one evening, but just the fact that you were there.

When Blizzard first announced Classic, I was ho-hum about it, but I’m beginning to see the appeal. This demo helped me realize that there was nothing inherently wrong with how World of Warcraft used to play, but Blizzard just patched it anyway because, well, that’s what you do with an MMO. That ceaseless need to innovate and iterate has birthed a World of Warcraft that is, today, a fundamentally different game, all about rewarding players no matter how much time they have to play in a given week. Classic, by contrast, relishes in the slow burn of a journey that can take months. They’re two very different games with two very different visions, and I like both of them.

If you fell out of love with Azeroth at some point, I’m not sure World of Warcraft Classic will rekindle those feelings. This is not some magical artifact that Buy WoW Classic Items can breathe life into my fading nostalgia for those wonderful, adolescent internet years. I now realize it was silly to ever expect it to. But World of Warcraft Classic does make a strong argument that new isn’t always better and that, even if something is ugly and janky, it can still have its charms.