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Yearning to travel & meet new friends
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I’m in my late 20’s, from the States, and yes, I will admit, never been across the pond. To celebrate 2011, I’m looking to finally plan my first European adventure. Unfortunately, I can’t find any friends to do any sort of European getaway with me and so I’m on the search for a tour group or organization where I can travel with like minded people, in the same age range as me, looking to explore new cities and meet new friends.

Can anyone reccommend any sort of trusted organziations/groups where a young, woman solo traveler can explore and meet new friends abroad?

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1. You can look for fellow travelers here in the “find travel friends” section, but that section gets very little traffic.
2. Don’t ever let an opportunity to travel slip by. If your friends can’t go and you feel you must go with someone else, then take a tour, although that would be my absolute last resort. I think you’ll find solo travel preferable to a tour.
3. Most tour groups are senior citizens. Contiki is the only tour group I know of that specializes in young people. Like all tour groups you risk meeting only other folks just like you and not even getting close to a European.

Why are you so interested in going with a group? With a little planning you’ll meet friends from all over the world if you go by yourself and stay in hostels. Read some of the old posts in this section for tips, etc.

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Stay in hostels and you will meet plenty of like-minded folks.

BTW You can’t really MEET new friends, you can make friends but they won’t be friends the moment you meet them I would assume. Wink

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I think sites can lead you to other travelers, looking to meet and share from all over the world. Just be cautious, as the web universe is just like the real world ,filled with all types of people, great to awful.
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