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Yet Another Packing List
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Ok, I hate to bore everyone with ANOTHER person’s packing list, but if there’s anyone out there who can be bothered to reply then it’s worth my typing it.


- 1 cargo pants
- 1 jeans
- 1 shorts

- 1 fleece pullover thing (if I ever get it back from this guy whose house I left it at after a staff party and I’m too embarrassed to talk to because I accidently through a table down his stairs… but I digress)
- 1 gore-tex raincoat
- 1 sandals
- 2 t-shirts
- 1 cardigan thingy
- 1 sweater

- 6 undies
- 6 socks
- 1 bra

In addition to all these cloths I’ll also be wearing some things that aren’t included in my list. I did consider arriving naked, but ruled that out once I sobered up. So I’ll be wearing:

- undies
- socks
- 6-hole brown docs
- cargo pants
- t-shirt
- bra


- umbrella
- bathroom stuff
- hair/face stuff
- ATM and motherload of other cards
- cash
- journal/pen
- guidebook
- swiss knife/mini flashlight
- sleepsheet with a funky stripey pattern
- first aid stuff/pills
- kleenex (aka emergency toilet paper supply)
- daypack
- camera/film/disposable camera for any drunken escapades
- locks
- sunglasses
- towel/facecloth

Comments? Suggestions? Cigar? Cigarette?

I’m in love with cargo pants that’s why I’m taking two. I’m not sure about the jeans though. I’m also not too interested in clubbing while I’m over there so I’m not taking anything clubby. More into the pub scene and hanging with drunken old men who’ll try to grab my boobs.

I think my gore-tex coat might be a bit heavy. It’s one of those ski-jacket shell things, and it’s bright bright red which, if I were looking at myself, I would find irritating.

Oh, I’m going for two weeks to Ireland leaving on August 26. Not sure if shorts and sandals will be necessary or useful. Send me comments please! Oh and someone e-mail me and remind me to buy new shoelaces.