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Zionism at your University
Pan Kleks
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This is from my latest university events e-mail. What a joke. They have a nice table set up in the student centre as well with a big Israeli flag, busiest part of the school. I’d like to see a Hamas or Hezbollah club.

Club and Campus Events

Zionists at McMaster – In Memoriam
On August 19th terror struck our world. Death took our friends in Israel, India and at the U.N. embassy in Iraq.

The U.N. headquarters in Baghdad stood for order and compassion, and for that reason the terrorists decided it must be destroyed. On the same day, an Israeli passenger bus, much like the HSR, was targeted by terrorists in an attempt to destroy a just and necessary peace process. Later that week, in India, another gruesome terror attack struck. The lives of 46 people, of mixed religious backgrounds, were unjustly stolen from them.

Terrorists measure the advance of their cause in the chaos and innocent suffering they leave behind. Those who target relief workers for death have set themselves against all humanity. Those who incite murder and celebrate suicide reveal their contempt for life itself. They have no place in any religious faith and they have no claim on the world’s sympathy. We at Zionists at McMaster have tried, from our inception, to promote peace, tolerance and co-existence. When terror struck our families in Israel, we had to take a stand. We could no longer stand silently by and allow the targeting and killing of innocent civilians. In Memoriam, is a stand alone display meant to help remember and commemorate the innocent lives that were taken from all of us that week. We must not forget these people. Each and every one of them deserves our respect.

Date: November 5 – November 12, 2003
Location: MUSC Marketplace