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The Rooms Hostel

Overall Rating
10 Pop Bogomil
Sofia, Bulgaria
Hostel Availability
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The rooms in 'The Rooms Guest House' are of completely different character.
You can choose between the small romantic 'Blue room' equipped with a comfortable double bed and the stylish atmosphere of the 'The Belle époque' room arranged with authentic antique furniture. You can also enjoy the adventure spirit of the 'savanna room', which will remind you the interior of cabana.

Every room is equipped with their own toilet and bathroom. With respect for your privacy we offer two and tree bed rooms yet at moderate price.

In the common room you can have a free tee and coffee any time and have a conversation with international guests. You can have actual information about current art events in the capital.

(Centrally located we're within a walking distance of the central
Railway / bus station as well.

You can have here a typical Bulgarian breakfast. Around the hostel you can also find cheap places to eat. In a walking distance you can go to the biggest shopping center in the City.

Clean and fresh ironed sheets, blanket, pillow and towel, 24-hour running hot water, wireless Internet access, locker, common room.


Rila monastery
Distance from Sofia 120 km/75 miles
1-day trip to one of the most remarkable monuments on the Balkan Peninsula and one of the nature miracles in Bulgaria Stob sand pyramids.

Historical Koprivshtitsa
Distance 110 km/68 miles southeast from Sofia
1-day trip to one of the few thoroughly preserved architectural ensembles of the Revival Period.

Krushuna waterfall
Distance 190 km/118 miles northwest from Sofia
Departure is at 9 a.m, and then you will stop for a guided tour in the town of Lovech - made famous for the Second Bulgarian Kingdom period. You will then have lunch in 'Varosha' restaurant, and you will depart to Krushuna in the early afternoon.

Glojene monastery
Distance 105 km/65 miles northwest from Sofia
1-day trip to one of the most interesting mountain monasteries in Bulgaria and to Sueva dupka cave.

Distance from Sofia 120 km/75 miles
1-day trip to magnificent Iskar gorge and to a unique church with seven altars in mountain monastery

Distance 150 km/87.5 m southwest from Sofia
2-day trip to the city with old history and a lot of beautiful man, 80% of them gay, and visit to Thracian cult complex near Starosel.

Royal town of Veliko Tarnovo
Distance 240 km/150 miles north-east from Sofia
2-day trip to medieval capital of Bulgaria

Rocks of Belogradchik
Distance 200 km/125 miles north from Sofia
2-day trip to nature phenomenon Belogradchik rocks, handmade carpets` center town of Chiprovtsi, Magura cave and adventure in west Balkan range region.

Relax in Varshets spa
Distance 90 km/56 miles north from Sofia
2-day trip to the kingdom of calmness near Klisura monastery and relax in Varshets spa

Secrets of Balkan Range
Distance 120-km/75 miles northeast from Sofia
2-day trip to Vratsa Balkan Nature park to find the charm of rural and adventure tourism in Bulgaria

Lost time of Kovachevitsa
Distance 300 km/187 miles south from Sofia
2-day trip back in time to a paradise for anyone of poetical soul

Ancient Bulgaria
Distance 450 km/281 miles from Sofia
3-day trip to rock churches and ruins of a mediaeval town from 14th century, Thracan tomb and to the place where Bulgaria started
and the second Bulgarian capitals. Visit to villages with preserved atmosphere from Bulgarian Revival period. Transfer to Sofia. Arrival is about 10 p.m.

Magical Bulgaria
Distance 250 km/156 miles south-west from Sofia
3-day trip in magical Rodopes Mountain

Spiritual Bulgaria
Distance 102 km/63 miles south from Sofia
3-day trip to Seven Rila Lakes - one of the points of power in Bulgaria, introduction within spiritual legacy of Master Beinsa Duno and his dance Paneurhythmy