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Fresh* Sheets Hostel Dubrovnik Old Town

Overall Rating
Svetog Simuna 15
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Hostel Availability
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Greetings from Fresh* Sheets! We appreciate your interest in staying with us and look forward to welcoming you to Dubrovnik. Here's a little information about the hostel: Fresh* Sheets is the ONLY hostel located inside the historical old town of Dubrovnik. Recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, In Your Pocket, and Rick Steve's, you'll find yourself just seconds away from a famous cliff-side bar and a short hop to a secret swimming hole where you can enjoy sunbathing and cliff-jumping in the clear blue Adriatic Sea. All restaurants, shops, and bars are easily accessible. And you will enjoy free internet and Wi-Fi access, a continental breakfast, book exchange, and common area. For guests who do not want to stay in mixed dorm rooms and would like more privacy, we've made arrangements for basic single, double, and triple rooms in private houses in the neighborhood. Although these rooms are not part of Fresh* Sheets you can still book them online and are welcome to use and enjoy our facilities during your stay. To help you prepare for your trip, we've put together some information about Dubrovnik. THINGS TO DO IN DUBROVNIK: If you can fit it into your schedule, give yourself at least a couple days to explore and enjoy one of the Med's most magnificent walled cities. That way you'll get to see how the town really lives and breathes. The best time to visit is in the spring or early fall when the weather is generally sunny and there are less tourists about. But during peak season (June - September), the town gets more lively and you'll have a great time. Our staff at Fresh* Sheets will be happy to give you some insider tips and help answer any of your questions when you arrive, but here are a few key activities, we'd recommend: WALK THE WALLS: This is a must. You just have to time it right. Plan on doing the walk early in the morning or early evening so that you avoid the cruise ship traffic. Otherwise, you may find yourself sweating and doing something that feels more like waiting in a line at Disneyland. HIT THE WATER: A few meters from Fresh* Sheets, there are two great cliff-side bars where local youth also prove their mettle. You can go cliff-jumping into the clear blue Adriatic and then chill out on the rocks afterwards. If you have the time, you can also hop a small ferry from the Old Town Port to Lokrum Island where the cliffs are a steeper and provide good photo opps to make your friends envious. We can arrange kayaking trips for our guests. It's a great way to start the day and you'll get the chance to paddle around the Old Town and the nearby island of Lokrum where you'll find a secret cove and some of the clearest water you'll ever see. If you want to go deeper, local dive shops offer excursions for inexperienced, amateur, and professional divers. PARTY! Although the Fresh* bar we used to run in another location in the Old Town is closed, you can still get Fresh* in Dubrovnik. During the season, you can refresh* every Monday + Tuesday + Friday night at our bucket parties at Cafe Galerie (Kuniceva 5 / 6th street on your left from the main Pile Gate). Drink Specials include: * Happy Hour Beer (8-9pm) - 2 for 1 bottles of domestic. * Discount Sex (9-11pm) - 3 litre sex on the beach cocktail towers * Cocktail Buckets (all night long) - Fresh*+ Thai + Sex buckets WAR PHOTO LIMITED There are few physical reminders of the siege that occurred in the early 90s. Although it doesn't seem like something to do on holiday, you'll gain a much greater appreciation of the city and its occupants when you get the chance to see, even briefly, how much it has gone through and changed. War Photo Limited is a well-run gallery and a valuable resource. There is a space dedicated to images of what occurred in the region but the rotating exhibitions of world-renowned photojournalists cover many different conflicts. During the hot summer days, it also offers a welcome respite from the heat and a good place to reflect. Definitely worth a visit. GET IN SHAPE For those looking to get in shape, you'll notice that Dubrovnik has a lot of stairs. However, if you really are into fitness, we've spent the winter sacrificing a few beer calories to find the best jogging routes. If running isn't your thing, we organize hikes up the hill overlooking the Old Town. Aside from the stunning views and cold beer at top, you'll get the extra bonus of meeting Maxie the hostel mascot - a handsome English setter who we rescued without realizing what an exercise freak he is. We are also planning on setting up a yoga center with drop in classes. COSTS IN DUBROVNIK: People are usually surprised by the costs in Dubrovnik. You may find it to be pricier than you planned on. Accommodation costs inside the Old Town can be quite expensive and there are plenty of ways to spend your money. However, like most places, with a little insider knowledge, you can stick to your budget if you avoid the tourist menus and one-off restaurants, hit up drink specials, and prepare your own picnic lunches. When you arrive, we'll give you a list of the places where we eat - good food, fair prices. We also have a basic kitchen at the hostel so you'll be able to visit the nearby supermarket and open-air fruit and veg market and prepare your own meals. Beer in bars average about 25 KUNA (@ 3.5 EUR) so you may want to take advantage of our Happy Hour before heading out for the night. Otherwise, you can purchase 2 litre bottles in the store. For those of you on a tighter budget, you can always look for cheaper accommodation outside the Old Town. Try to get as close to the Old Town as possible as some places that are just "ten minutes away" are really up in the hills or at least thirty minutes walk or more. Just make sure to check the location and what's on offer as you may end up somewhere inconvenient and spending what you saved on bus or taxi fares and internet.