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Blind Eye Hostel

Overall Rating
Dalimilova 4
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague 3
Hostel Availability
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We offer our guests free dinner every night! We also have weekly activities for you every day: Monday: movie night + PlayStation tournament Tuesday: free traditional dinner - our international staff cooks for you + happy hour on beer Wednesday: Uno drinking game in our hostel bar Thursday: our staff takes you out to the park and beer garden Friday: all-you-can-eat barbecue in our courtyard + happy hour on beer Saturday: theme party in our hostel bar - get ready to go party! discounts on all drinks Sunday: art, music, and cultural tour of Prague When we decided to open a hostel in Prague, we wanted to provide not just another accommodation place in the famous Czech capital, but also a rather authentic experience for our guests. That's why we choose to open our place in the legendary mystic district of Žižkov. Our area is well known for the best and most diverse nightlife among locals, ex-pats and travellers that come to Prague more often - it even made people settle here for longer and not go to downtown Prague any more. We have a great staff who are here to help you make the most of your stay. They'll be happy to take you out to the park, drink a beer with you, show you around, and lead you in the weekly activities we listed above. We also have free city maps, information about nightlife and food, and advice on what to do while you're in the city. If you just want a budget place to sleep, we make sure you are getting rest and leave you in peace. In case you are up to do things with other travellers and locals, we take care of that as well. There are plenty of people to party with you and teach you all the Czech you need to know. Each floor of our hostel is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and shower. We care about your safety and security in the hostel, so we give each guest a bracelet to make sure that nobody who is not a guest gets into the rooms. We also have lockers, a storage room, and a safe deposit box where you can safely store your things. Our philosophy is simple: Take it easy, have a good time, and be polite about it. We are a family and everyone who works, sleeps or visits here is part of it. This means also and especially you!