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Tampere Dream Hostel

Overall Rating
Åkerlundinkatu 2
Tampere, Finland
Hostel Availability
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Tampere Dream Hostel is situated in the neighborhood of Tulli which, together with Tammela, constitutes the vivid heart of the city’s urban culture and night life.We could describe the location in detail, but this would be boring… so just believe it: just by a few minutes’ walk you can reach the trendiest bars, local restaurants, the best outdoor market in the city, second hand stores, a grocery store, railway station and so on. Everything you need is pretty much just around the corner. In case you are looking for eco-friendly hostels, we would like you to know that our hostel is devoted to follow eco-friendly ways of operating. Dream Hostel is the one and only green design hostel in Tampere! Ecological thinking shows up in our daily activities for example these ways: - We recycle everything we are able to (organic waste, bottles, cans, metal, paper, hazardous waste etc.) - Our toilets use minimum amount of water to flush - We use our own air condition with the most energy saving way - In our office & reception work we use minimum paper & electricity - Hostel is using energy efficient lighting - We use organic and nearly produced products in our kitchen, and favor cafés and restaurants who are also “thinking green” - We use environmental-friendly cleaning products - Staff does the Dream Hostel’s daily shopping and commuting by walking, cycling or using the public transportation Dream Hostel’s staff is committed to act eco-friendly – and we motivate also our customers to do so!