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Carpe Noctem Vitae

Overall Rating
Erzsébet körút 50
Budapest, Hungary
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Fact: 60% of the total floor space in Carpe Noctem Penthouse is social space. Why? Because we believe that lying across bean bag sofas, sofa beds and sofas with other travellers is much better than cramming a million beds into a small space. Why else? Because if you are a single traveller, travelling in a group, a sociable person, someone who likes to read, someone who wants to watch movies, someone who is partial to an afternoon nap or someone who wants to plan their next route, or someone who wants to check their all need space to do it in, and we think it's better to be around people and share this with other like minded travellers, because you never know who might just be your new best friend, or more! Fact: Carpe Noctem Vitae goes out drinking every single night. Why? Because we are all out and out party animals, or closet ones who will be partial to a few drinks if they are with the right people. Why else? Because Budapest may just be the greatest city on Earth and we want you to see if during the night time with the awesome ruin bars and cheap drinks (and discounted drinks too), and because great stories come from good nights out, and we like great stories. Fact: Budapest IS the greatest city on Earth (cited from Suzi 2010) Therefore we don't want you to miss any of it, so we give you a detailed check in, sometimes up to 20 minutes if you don't stop us and haven't fallen asleep! We'll tell you all the dos and don'ts of the city, places to see, tours which aren't rip offs, history if you're interested, awesome little places we just fell in love with and moved here for, cheap cheap eateries, as well as anything bespoke you want for your trip. Fact: a restless traveller gets itchy feet and moves on. So we keep you busy all day every day. Either by showing you the greatest tours, sights and activities in Budapest from the world famous caving, to thermal bathing to escape games. If leaving the house seems like too much, we give you Csocso (table football), darts, guitar heroes, chess, poker and yahtzee which are all just part of our stock collection, but we are also prone to having A.D.H.D. and therefore are up for any options or ideas you may have for in and out of the hostel. Fact: Majority of travellers cannot look after themselves properly and are likely to live off Mcdonalds and kebabs if left to their own devices That's why we have not just one, but TWO fully equipped kitchens for you to make some real food, and if you can't do that yourself, we have in house cook ups almost every night so you have that family dinner feel, your home away from home Fact: a life without music is a soulless void Which is why we have a guitar and keyboard for you to have your creative outlet and provide other guests with sweet music. We also have open mic night once a week to really show off!