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Minoo House

Overall Rating
3 Mikszáth Kálmán tér (square)
Budapest, Hungary
Hostel Availability
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Why choose us? Almost everything inside Minoo House is designed and made by the young and talented people of Budapest, down to the beds and the bathrooms and is almost exclusively created out of natural,  and/or recycled materials.    •    We try to embrace the principles of living green in an urban environment. We are home to a lot of plants, recycle everything we can, air-dry the washing when we can, and try to use non-toxic cleaning materials where possible.    •    We have a cinema room decked out with original old cinema chairs (red, of course) and a projector.    •    The kitchen is stocked up with herbs and spices and all the tools to make delicious meals.    •    The building itself! The original house belonged to cashed-up, aristocratic horse-lovers before the communist era and the upper floor is designed to be a horse-viewing gallery- it now overlooks a leafy courtyard.    •    All of the dorm rooms are designed with multi-levelled mezzanines to give everybody more privacy and eradicate the mental institution/ hospital feeling you sometimes find in hostels.    •    The size of the hostel, we think, is perfect. At maximum capacity it holds 40 people; big enough to have a choice of new friends if you want, or disappear into the crowd if you want, but small enough to keep the place intimate and home-like.    •    Even though the house was abandoned after communism and has suffered long periods of neglect it still has many original features like the doors and doorknobs, the windows, the wood stove in the kitchen, and the wooden and stone flooring. During the renovation, we didn’t destroy anything, restored everything we could and only built from scratch was was non-existent when we took over.    •    Everybody who works at and runs Minoo House is involved in the cultural life of Budapest, and we have weekly write-ups for the goings-on in the city to give all of our guests the best chance to enjoy its vibrant cultural life. Whatever you are after, just ask. We love this city and we like to meet people who want to explore it, too.    •    We are happily located next door to the best coffee shop in Budapest, Lumen, and you can get great breakfasts from Mi, the bar and cafe inside our courtyard.    •    We are always evolving. Maybe Minoo House is not for you? There are HUNDREDS of hostels in Budapest. We really want people to enjoy themselves when they stay with us. Please have a read about us and check the photos before you book. Some things to consider:    •    The hostel is HANDMADE and the building is OLD. While we took utmost pains to create something beautiful and functional, we are not perfect. If having a creaky door will ruin your holiday, please stay somewhere else.    •    Minoo House is on a busy square and has a bar in its courtyard. On weekends in summer, it can get noisy late at night. It quietens down at about 1am, but again, if its something that is likely to bother you, please choose a different place to stay.    •    We are NOT a party hostel and screaming drunks are not our thing.  We are happy for you to have a beverage (or three) at home, and have been known to partake ourselves but if you want to party, head to the city. We try to respect the space and quiet of everybody staying here.    •    We are a hostel, not a hotel. If you need pristine conditions and icy formality to feel comfortable, each to their own! But you probably won't like it here. People with unrealistic expectations of the pretty friendly and down-to earth service we provide are also not our thing. Lets save us both the hassle. Saying that, if there is anything you are not happy about, please tell someone and we will try our best to solve the problem.