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Minoo House

Overall Rating
3 Mikszáth Kálmán tér (square)
Budapest, Hungary
Hostel Availability
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Some cool things about Minoo House (we think!) • Almost everything inside Minoo House is designed and made by the young and talented people of Budapest, down to the beds and the bathrooms and is almost exclusively created out of natural, and/or recycled materials. • We try to embrace the principles of living green in an urban environment. We have a lot of varieties of flowers, palms, vines and all kinds of potted plants (as well as our herbs and veggies in the garden) all over the hostel and in every room. They cool the house down in the summer, make the air fresher and cleaner, are nice to look at and smell and help us in our efforts to soften the impact of having so many people all living in the same house. • We use only biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products, and recycle everything we can. • The kitchen is stocked up with herbs and spices and all the tools to make delicious meals. • The building itself! The original house belonged to cashed-up, aristocratic horse-lovers before the communist era and the upper floor is designed to be a horse-viewing gallery- it now overlooks a leafy courtyard with a bar inside. • All of the dorm rooms are designed with multi-levelled mezzanines to give everybody more privacy and eradicate the mental institution/ hospital feeling you sometimes find in hostels. • The size of the hostel, we think, is perfect. At maximum capacity, it holds 40 people; big enough to have a choice of new friends, if you want, or disappear into the crowd, if you want, but small enough to keep the place intimate and home-like. • Even though the house was abandoned after communism and has suffered long periods of neglect it still has many original features like the doors and doorknobs, the windows, the wood stove in the kitchen, and the wooden and stone flooring. During the renovation, we didn’t destroy anything, restored everything we could and only built from scratch was was non-existent when we took over (like the bathrooms). • Everybody who works at and runs Minoo House is deeply involved in the cultural life of Budapest, and we have weekly write-ups for the goings-on in the city to give all of our guests the best chance to enjoy its vibrant cultural life. Whether you are looking for a particular genre of music, a good concert, a play, the ballet, high-brow art exhibitions, street art or pop-up galleries, nightclubs, bars, open-air or forest parties, underground and unadvertised goings-on, experimental performance art, lectures, subtitled or foreign language movie screenings, pop-up shops, food or flea markets...we can help. Just ask. We love this city and we like to meet people who want to explore it, too. • In our cellar we have working industrial art studios. • We are happily located next door to the best coffee shop in Budapest, Lumen cafe. • We are always evolving. We don’t think this should need saying, but just in case you were wondering... • We have wifi. It is fast, and free. • We have personal security lockers for all dorm sleepers (do we need to say they are free, too?) and people staying in private rooms keep their own key. • If you arrive before check-in, or leave after check-out, we will hold on to your luggage for you and you are welcome to use the hostel facilities until your room is ready, or you need to go. • We don’t have bunk beds. • We provide freshly laundered linen and towels. • We have a big kitchen and it’s well stocked with herbs and spices for everybody to use and enjoy. • The entire hostel is cleaned, top to bottom, thoroughly, daily. So as not to disturb, the private rooms are only cleaned if you ask us to, otherwise we leave you alone. • We don’t have a curfew, lock you out after a particular time or any such madness. You can come and go as you please. • We have security doors and keyless entry. • We have 24 hour reception.