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Ambasador Hotel

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Pirinska Street # 38
Skopje, Macedonia
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The Ambassador Hotel was under construction from 1994 to 1998.

The building investor was Prof. Dr. Angel Dzambazovski, and the chief architect, Stole Mihajlov, both from Skopje. The unique exterior facade of the hotel was designed by folk-art masters from the Republic of Macedonia . The selections of sculptured figures symbolize the Macedonian People's past, present and future, rendered through the sculptors' expressiveness. The architectural solution of this edifice resembles a castle which, with its facade relief, sculptures, entire external features, and its Balkan and European folk style architectural elements, suggests the cooperation between the Balkan Peninsula and the European Continent.

The sculptures displayed at the Ambasador Hotel symbolize the dignity, freedom, justice and struggle for a higher quality life for all people on planet Earth.

Chavdar Belchev, Lidya Gruich and Angel Natsev, assisted by their co-workers, are the outstanding academic sculptors and professors from the Balkans who participated in the creation of these ornaments. The hotel entrance has been enhanced by two prominent lion figures exemplifying the strength and dignity of the Macedonian nation.

The sculptures of the brothers Kiril and Metodij, founders of the Slavic alphabet who adapted the so called Cirylic letters, symbolize literacy and the quest for superior education as fundamental precepts for a nation's prosperity.

The fountain that occupies the central part of the hotel, symbolizes the three lakes in Macedonia named Ohrid, Prespa and Dorain at the same time incorporating the symbol of the national flag.

On the fourth floor of the hotel, the right frontal side displays the figure of King Samoil, a Macedonian emperor from the 10th and 11th century. King Samoil is also considered the Balkan King who strove for the Balkan unification into one single state. His statue is a metaphor of the perpetual idea for establishing an economic union on the Balkans, and the creation of a Balkan that would serve the people that inhabit it.

On the left frontal side of the fourth floor, the statue of hypocrites, the symbol of medicine and HUMANISM, is displayed, honoring him, the father of physiotherapy, and the "FATHER of the MEDICAL OATH".

On top of the building, the symbol of democracy - the symbol of liberty reaches for the skies. This French-American friendship sign reminds people that man feels free only when freedom and justice are felt from within. This is the symbol for the oppressed - struggling for freedom, and for the free - pursuing constant perfection and self-improvement. This symbol has been one-of-a-kind on the Balkan Peninsula .

The five semi-circles displayed on the top of the hotel building, symbolize the Olympic games flag and the Olympic torch. They represent a metaphor of the splendid idea for a world with no boundaries, a world of cooperation on a local and international level, placing the planet Earth in service of its inhabitants, a world of fair play in sports, and in life. On the back side of the hotel, stands the dove of peace, and on the interior staircase we recognize the statue of the company founder and investor in this edifice.

The Ambassador Hotel is a medium sized building constructed in an eclectic combination of national Macedonian Balkan and European styles, influenced by contemporary European and world architecture.

Its engineering construction utilized materials of traditional and currently used texture, predominantly marble, ceramics, and wood.