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Gia Boutique Hostel

Overall Rating
Libertatii street, #41
Sighisoara, Romania
Hostel Availability
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Whether you are travelling, as backpackers on holiday, on business or a leisure getaway, GIA offers cheap, safe and clean accomodation for you.


1. FIRST of all, because of the price: our prices are amazing, the best in town, between 6-12euro/person/day, decording to different.

2.THEN – for its position in town, criteria which are secondly: It is situated in ideal place:50 m. of the train station -on the right side-, ideal place for backpackers who travel by train, or 10 minutes walk from the old citadel or centre of the town.

3. THIRDLY, for the comfort: Although GIA is new, we opened our doors in 2004, we offer to all our guests the highest hostel quality. Our hostel has spacious rooms, each with its own charm and design. All rooms have large, private bathrooms with 24 h. hot running water. All rooms have cable tv+international television channels.

In each room, there is a map of Sighisoara, where you can see information about the town itself and touristic objectives from Sighisoara and from the area, "Pagitur" –a national giude of information and touristic services in Romania for all those that want to travel.

Here, at GIA, you can feel the Romanian spirit. The decorations of the interior blend the modern and the historical elements, with the traditional ones. The items include: two pitch forcs(1898-1922), a confirmation paper(1918), letters and official papers from the second world war, pieces from a whole machine, towels from Transylvany, copy”s of old painting -made by Betty Schuller(1860-1904)- first painter from Sighisoara, traditional romanian women”s wear, mask used in Moldovan winter festivities.

We, also, offer 1 h. of free internet and telephone, fax, internet facilities.

You can cook your own meals( breakfast, lunch, dinner). We offer you a large Kitchen with full cooking facilities: fridge, cooking machine. Also, free laundry available.

A few meters from us, there is a market, with fresh fruit and vegetables.Also, across the road, there is a grocery opened 24 h. a day. A pharmacy lies very near.

We can offer you an information stand with brochures at the front office. We, also, make free reservations for other hostels, too Romania.

4. As a special accomodation we have: A Valentine”s Room, especially designed for those in love. Every day, with us, is a Valentine Day for you.

5. We have different SERVICES:
-Bicycle rental: 5 euro/ a day.
-Rent-a-car: 35 euro/a day. Daewoo brand- 7,4 liters of gas/ 100 km. fuel consumption
-Daily trips(by car with a driver) to:
BIERTAN-at 28,7 km. from Sighisoara-it had been the town of the German bishops, which reflects the German architecture and way of life.
VISCRI-41,9 km.- a Romanian village, where you can visit traditional Romanian homes, eat traditional food or taste our wonderful plum brandy. You can, also, enjoy a ride with horse carriages.
SOVATA-66,1 km., a mountain resort with its famous spa and a salty lake” Lacul Ursu”.If it is winter you can schi, or sleigh down the slopes.
PRAID- 73,2 km. –an old salt mine (one of the biggest in Romania).
BRASOV, SIBIU or other Romanian towns or destinations.

GIA MAKES YOU AN OFFER YOU CANNOT TURN DOWN :GO FOR A DRIVE BY ATV WHY ? You are on holiday, keen on adventures, you want to have fun, to do new things, to know more with little money though. You can see a different Romania, the wild and unknown one to most of the foreigners. During your adventure you are accompanied by a guide – a free of charge one – who gives you information about what you see.
Also, you have the chance to discover places that are unknown to the ordinary tourists. The natural reservation of Breite: a plateau with oaktrees hundred years old, the place of a theme park Dracula.

We hope that we have conviced you of our good accomodation and offer. Take a look at the pictures, maybe they are convincing than words. We are honoured to welcome you at GIA, a place you will never forget. We are looking forward to having you as our guests.