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Sludyanka Hostel

Overall Rating
Schkolnya Street, 10, flat 7
Sludyanka, Russia
Hostel Availability
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Hostel Sludayanka it is very convenient place to start your trip to East Sayan Mountains (Cherskogiy pick),
The circum-Baikal railroad,
Baikal’sk, Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk cities,
Utulik and Irkut rivers,
Tunkinskaya valley (Arshan, Zhemchug, Nilova Pustyn’, Shumakskie springs, Orlik, Volcano valley, Munku –Sardyk mountain)
It takes thirty minutes walk or five minutes driving a car to get to the shore of Baikal (3 km). From Sludyanka bus station you can leave for any direction to Irkutsk or Tunka Valley or to Baikalsk. In Sludyanka there is the railway station built in 1905 and made of marble – the only marble station in the world. It takes twenty minutes walk from the railway station to the hostel (2.5 km).

From the hostel one may have a look at the high mountains. The picturesque stream Sludyanka flows to Baikal which beauty has been marked by investigators from the past, is five minutes walk from the hostel. Twenty minutes walk from the hostel up to the stream will let you find a water stream flowing from the rock. Its water is used by the habitants because of its clearness.

The hostel Sludyanka is three rooms flat with a balcony on the first floor of the two-storey building. From the balcony there is a beautiful sight to the Hamar-Daban mountain chain covered with dark fur taiga. In the hostel one can find a cheap place to stay. Six visitors can be replaced at three two-storey beds in one and the same time. All the year round there is warm and cold water and visitors can use shower, fridge and kitchen. Fresh linen is included. Here in the hostel one can get information about different trips and organizing of rest. For extra one can make all year round trips, excursions around Sludyanka and Tunka regions, horse-riding. Trips by boats around Baikal are offered; nutrition, laundry, garage for cars and bikes are organized. You can have an interpreter.

It is absolutely necessary for you to tell us the exact time of your arrival
in Sludyanka (before min 24 h).

If you wish, we can pick you up at the railway station. It costs 200 rubles.

Friendly host and hostess are glad to see you in their hostel!!!
• Center - 1, 5 km
• Museum of minerals- 850 m
• Train station - 2, 8 km
• Lake Baikal - 3 km
• Museum of history railroad - 2, 6 km
• Flowers Garden – 30 km
• The Circum-Baikal Railroad - 2,8km
• Museum of Siberian natural - 5 km
• Spring - 1, 2 km
• Church - 2, 8 km
• Museum of Regional - 10 km
• Bus stop - 200 m
• Skiing resort (winter) - 35 km
• Museum of Art - 28 km
• Shop - 300m
• Bus station – 1, 7 km
. Ski track (winter) – 350 m