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Bed and Bike Hostel

Overall Rating
Stoliarnii pereulok 10-12
St Petersburg, Russia
Hostel Availability
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How we came up with a hostel idea We have toured many countries and cities, staying in campgrounds at the beach, hotels in the heart of European capitals, at the Sicilian villas and the apartment at the foot of the Alps, hanged out with couchsurfers and of course, lived in the hostels of all kinds. One day, sitting in a cafe with a cup of cappuccino and coming up with the route for the next trip, we started thinking about where we would like to stay during our trip. Base idea is a close location to one of the purposes of travel – places of interest and cultural monuments or simply the great views. The very same hostel should be very comfortable, because when you come and see the smiles of staff and visitors, on arrival you get warm slippers and in the morning you hear «Hello» from a neighbor from America – that experience from the trip get twice as many positive emotions. We would like the hospitality to be not formal, but tends to real. - How to get to the Palace Square? - Where today Rockabilly plays? - I would like to visit a real Russian sauna, help me to find one... Any question or request can be answered or you will get a friendly pat on the shoulder: - Today is a free public day in the sauna and you better not to go there! In the living room you can read books, magazines, play board games, support the company for morning exercises and make a real film session with the films of all cult directors. The kitchen would have enough room to cook a tasty meal using local products. At the table get acquainted with people from different countries and in the evening to go with them to the nearest club. And, of course, we would like to discover the traditions of that city or country in which stopped - to take part in the celebration, learn to cook, or go fishing for lampreys, to share experiences in making the world's best pizza.