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Novi Sad JoRooms

Overall Rating
Branislava Nusica, 20
4th Floor, Apartment n. 17
Novi Sad, Serbia
Hostel Availability
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Get at a bargain price a room you should pay much more for! You can access the same quality accommodations you're used to get in western countries at a much lower price. Very close to the heart of Novi Sad our new and modern little headroom rooms are single, double or triple. Enjoy our free WiFi Internet access. Rooms, you'll see, have modern style and will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Rooms have pleasant ambience in a quiet location and the relaxed atmosphere. You're privacy is guaranteed. Number of rooms: 4. Now every room has a mug and an electric kettle to boil up to a full quart of water incredibly fast. Water boils at cup-a-minute speed so you can quickly heat water for your tea or coffee. When you arrive in your room you’ll find an instant coffee stick sachet, a couple of sealed bag containing tea leaves for brewing tea and some sweets so you can have a first small fast breakfast offered by us free of charge. This is Privately Owned Flat. NOTE 1: You will be charged with extra money if you arrive late on working days (after 18:00) or on Saturday (after 13:00) or on Sunday (when the agency is closed all day long). For example if you arrive at 20.45 pm and our agency close at 19.00pm there will be extra waiting time charge which is Euro 10. Because there is no Reception Desk at the apartment, in case you arrive after the agency's working hours, you must text message to the mobile number (you will get by email after the reservation), one hour before your exact arrival. You have to do this in order to arrange for someone to be there and waiting for you at certain time in the apartment, otherwise no one will be there.