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Hotel Las Villas De Antikaria

Av. de la Cruz Blanca 1
Antequera, Spain
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With a privileged location, in the full centre of Andalusia, and communicated by motorway, 40 minutes far from Málaga international airport, it is an ideal establishment for celebrations as conferences, business conventions or work meetings as well as banquets, and any other kind of meetings. Our receptionists speak Spanish, English and German in order to make easy our visitors the best reception and stay. About the city: Nearby a numerous amount of churches, chapels and historical monuments are to be found, Holte las Villas de Antikaria is in fact surrounded by history. The entire town is overlooked by the Alcazaba castle which was built in the oriental tradition and the Natural Park "El Torcal de Antequera" (unique Karstic formations). We know that during the Neolithic and the Age of Bronze, perfectly socially organized populations were seated in this solar, as demonstrates the presence of the "Dólmenes" of "Menga"," Viera" and "El Romeral", the most renowned of the prehistoric period. Dólmen de Menga Among the Andalusian set of monumental cities, Antequera is highlighted for the extent of its preserved historical sequence. Furthermore, its location converts it into a paradigm of a romantic Spanish southern city: At the lowest point of the restless "El Torcal" mountains and mastering the immense flatness of a fertile plain in which emerges the enigmatic anthropomorphic Rock called "La Peña de los Enamorados". clic para ampliar Peña de los Enamorados y Alcazaba The urban set, slowly configured during centuries, is seated on the hillside of the old Acropolis configuring the walls of its "Alcazaba" and the full mass of erudite renascence, which is the Real Church, called "Colegiata de Santa Maria La Mayor". The Roman Imperium domination in Andalusia bequeathed us the municipality of Antikaria, historically something enigmatic and archaeologically testified by an interesting epigraphic series, by the constructions of the Thermal baths of " Santa María", "El Ninfeo de la Carnicería" and by the Monumental Villa of the Station. clic para ampliar Arco de los Gigantes But, without no doubt, the great Roman legacy of the city is the Roman sculpture of bronze of the first century called "Efebo of Antequera", Which has been inspired on Greek models, and it is the most beautiful classic bronze's sculpture preserved in Spain. The Islamic Antequera or "Madina Antaqira" results easy to evoking by the preserved walls of its ancient enclosure, with two circular defensive walls. In 1410 Infant Fernando called "Fernando el de Antequera", decided to take a new advance to the reconquest process. His decision was to conquer Antequera's square was fulfilled the same year, on September 16th. Efebo de Antequera The Castilian Antequera experienced, with certain rapidity, an unstoppable demographic explosion converting it in the S. XVI and XVII centuries, in an important economic and commercial place. In this historical reality emerge the city or Renaissance and Baroque, which still remains in its parochial and conventional churches, palaces, chapels and many other symbols. On the Renaissance period is highlighted the set of churches formed by the Temples of "Santa Maria la Grande", "San Pedro", San Juan", and "San Sebastián".